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Learn Advanced Price Action Technical Analysis

Become a Successful Stock And Options Trader with Our Advanced Price Action Course

Price action trading is a powerful trading approach that can help you generate consistent profits in the markets. Our online trading course teaches you everything you need to know about price action trading, from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

In our course, you will learn:

  • Broader market fundamentals, the macro economics.

  • Basics to advanced of candlesticks analysis.

  • Identifying real demand and supply with the help of candlesticks and volume.

  • Basics to advanced of trend analysis.

  • Professional risk management for Equity and Derivatives.

  • How to buy near the low and how to sell near the high.

  • Stock selection process.

And maore thing you will learn during the course; in a single word, you will learn everything you need to know to become a professional trader.

a foreclouding chart showing the price of a stock market
a foreclouding chart showing the price of a stock market
Advanced Price Action Technical Analysis Course
Advanced Price Action Technical Analysis Course

First of all

Why Price Action Is More Effective For Successful Trading?

There are many reason why price action trading is more effective, here are few only.

  • Price action trading is based on the simple principle that supply and demand drive market prices.

  • By analyzing price action patterns in chart, traders can identify the direction of the market and potential trading opportunities.

  • Price action trading is a versatile approach that can be used to trade all types of markets, including stocks, future & options, forex, and commodities.

  • Price action trading is a relatively simple approach to learn, but it can be very effective when used correctly.

Not to mention

Real-Life Proof That Price Action Trading Works

See the examples of the power of price action trading. The given pictures were send to my students during live market hours to guide them in the right way.
All pictures are my Nifty analysis and all these pictures were sent to my students.

See the picture from the left, next picture is the effect of price action of my every intimation.

Nifty respected perfectly.

If you want to be a part of this community then book my class today. Call me on +91 75480-46395

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Share trading course in kolkata
Share trading course in kolkata

And let's not forget

Why Choose My Courses?

My courses are considered as one of the best share trading course available in India. In my price action technical analysis course I cover everything from basics to advanced level.

In simple language if you want to be a professioanal stock trader then whatever you need to know, I will cover that all.

The most important part is, I provide lifetime mentorship after the course.

About Narendra Nath Das

I, Narendra Nath Das, a full time trader and tech price action technical analysis for stock market investment and trading.

I was a stock market employee during 2004 to 2013, I left my job in 2013 to become a full time trader, and become a successful trader.

I have founded Dronakul and started teching technical analysis since 2013 on my former client's request as I was leaving the job.

I don't want to say more about myself, better lets speak my performence about me.

Narendra Nath Das
Narendra Nath Das

"Different strategies he taught through easy ways. Almost completely all different places he covered one should need for trading. This is the best price action trading course in kolkata."

Anish Argha Gayen

"It is a very good price action technical analysis course, without it entering the stock market means gambling. Because of you, my outlook on the market has changed, sir."

Manik Saha

Here's what our customers say

Narendranath Das Sir is one of the finest hidden gems in the Indian stock market. His deep knowledge & experience in the stock market is really fantastic. I had enrolled for options trading course with him and I must say, the course was the best I could ever get in my life. My knowledge about the candlesticks and charts changed dramatically after the classes.

Sangeeth C v

"Best stock trading course and best teacher for stock market. I have received deepth knowledge and unique techniques from sir."

Subrata Chakraborty

I have learnt price action trading from Narendra sir, it is a great course indeed, worth of money and time. I am now a profitable trader. Thank you sir for your great teaching.

Somnath Hazra

"Earlier I had learnt trading from two big names in Indai and then I had lost 7 lakh in options trading. I was searching a real guru madly. Then I found Narendra sir in a youtube video and feel he can show me the right way. I took his course almost one year back and you wont believe tht not only I have covered all my losses but also I am in profit now. Thank you sir, you have changed my life."

Tarun Kumar Mullick

Courses I conduct.

Advanced Price Action Technical Analysis Course

Directional Option Trading Course

This course is designed for those who want to be a professional trader in stock market. A new or an experienced trader can attend this course.

It is the master stock market trading course, where I will cover basics to advanced level technical analysis along with necessary broder market fundamentals, do & don'ts, trade management, human psychology for trading.

After the course one must attend six months mandatory practice classes, once in a week. Everyone will get lifetime mentorship after the course.

The myth is, retail traders unable to make profit from option buying.

But the reality is if you know how to trade options in depth then only buying can gives you huge return in options trading.

Most of the people trade options based on option data, IO analysis, options greeks etc, but the fact is understanding the direction of the underlying is the key of options trading.

In this course, I teach how to identify every direction in all time frame as fast as the reversal and continuation start in the market.

Candlesticks Analysis Class
Candlesticks Analysis Class
Options Trading course in kolkata
Options Trading course in kolkata

Price Action Swing Trading Course

This course is design for those who wants to capture gain from short term trading. Those who loves to enter into a trade just before the momentum starts, this course is ideal for them.

Trading in stock market is the toughest job, but in this course I will show you how easily we can set up our trade as per our own capital and enter into a trade on right time.

This is a complete technical analysis course based on price action, I will explain in simple manner so that irrespective of your experience you can learn and apply it easily.

This is a 6 months programme.

Price action swing trading course
Price action swing trading course

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